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About Adelaide River Cruises

Hunter Safaris trading as Adelaide River Cruises is a small family owned and operated company that has been in business in the Northern Territory for 30 years.

It all began when Harry Bowman arrived in the Territory 3 decades ago and quickly embraced the lifestyle and beauty of the region.

Harry soon found employment as a tour guide thanks to his natural gift of the gab and passion for wildlife as well as his excellent gunmanship. This was essential as his first job was leading buffalo hunts for trophy shooters!

Times have changed and it is cameras that do the shooting these days.

It wasn’t long before Harry acquired Hunter Safaris which was a fledgling Kakadu tour company and over the ensuing years “Hunters” evolved into one of the top Kakadu tour companies.

Harry’s brother Morgan & wife Maxine joined him 10 years ago when they embarked on a seachange from NSW.

Morgan shares Harry’s passion for the Northern Territory and this has never waned. In fact, since leaving Kakadu to the younger guides, they are more enthusiastic than ever!

You can be assured of a great day out with Harry or Morgan who love to share their vast knowledge of the region with everyone.

Luckily, they are also mean barbeque chefs!

Behind these dynamic true blue Aussie blokes are their better halves   Karen and Maxine who like to keep them on the river and out of trouble. They take care of all the stuff that doesn't interest the blokes … phone calls, book work, advertising, food purchases etc..

So now you have met us.

Harry and Morgan look forward to seeing you in the Northern Territory and sharing their passion for the Adelaide River with you. To coin an old Territory saying - you’ll never never know if you never never go.

Best wishes,

Adelaide River Cruises